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Early Summer 2009

In This Issue

  • Director's Note: UMMGC Debuts 'Spread Offense'
  • UMMGC Featured in Alumni Magazine
  • Remember Your Favorite Songs
  • East Coast Tour Recap
  • "Echoes from the Cliffs" on iTunes
  • "Under the Pyrenees" Selling like Hotcakes

From the Director

Director Paul Rardin

Sometimes it's the assistant coach, not the head coach, that comes up with just the right adjustment to make a good thing better. So it was when the touring contingent of the Glee Club, at its Philadelphia stop on May 15, successfully executed its own version of a choral 'spread formation.' Using the generous space of the stage at St. Mary's Hall, Villanova, PA, assistant conductor Reed Criddle asked the men to spread out completely across the stage in pre-concert rehearsal, leaving as many as four feet between singers, both front-to-back and side-to-side.

Assistant Director Reed Criddle The results were instantaneous and fabulous: the greater separation filled the acoustic space, encouraged us to move their bodies more often (which invariably results in more energized sound), and required us to listen more carefully to the ensemble. We adopted this formation for the better part of the concert, and loved it: Better blend and better singing (and a more elegant, artistic look) in one remarkable, simple step. Long live the Criddle Formation - we can't wait to try it in Hill!

-Paul Rardin

Club Featured on Alumni Magazine Cover

The Men's Glee Club and the 150th Anniversary are featured in the most recent issue of "Michigan Alumnus." The excellent article, written by Jennifer Davis, discusses both the club's history and traditions, and the impact it has had on its members. The entire article can be viewed here.

Remember Your Favorite Songs

The 150th Anniversary Core Team is looking for ideas for the Alumni Concert during the 150th Anniversary Weekend. You can help! Dive into your memories and start thinking about the songs you enjoyed when you were a clubber. There will be an online survey in the fall, and you can do your part to help us pick the best songs from each generation. If you have questions, email us at mgc.alumni@umich.edu

Club Rocks the East Coast

Club returned to Ann Arbor on May 18 after traveling from New York, to Hilton Head, and back again. Along the way we performed with Bob McGrath and Joshua Breitzer in New York City and were treated to a boychoir festival in Bethesda, in addition to performing at six different venues in five states. You can follow some of our travels at our blog or view some video from our concerts in our YouTube group.

UMMGC Now on iTunes

This past Tuesday, Echoes from the Cliffs was released on iTunes. The album can be found through the following link: The University of Michigan Men's Glee Club or by clicking here.
(You must have iTunes to download the album.)
We would like to thank Block M Records for their help on this project.

CD UPDATE: Under the Pyrenees

Sales of our new album "Under the Pyrenees", have been strong. "Under the Pyrenees" was recorded live in Spain during the 2008 Spring Tour. More information is available online at ummgc.org.