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March/April 2010

Editor's Note: Apologies that this email is so late. We've gotten caught up in the 150th

In This Issue

  • Increasing the Club's On-Campus Visibility
  • Return of Online Ordering
  • Out of the Blue Videos Now Online!

Increasing On-Campus Awareness

Over the last year the Menís Glee Club has been working hard to increase our presence on campus and improve our relationship with the University administration. By utilizing the uniqueness and exceptionality of our 150th Anniversary, we have been able to make exciting inroads with the University.

Before the school year started, the public relations team was hard at work to ensure that the entire University knew of this yearís significance for our organization. Through the hard work and persistence of our team and by the generosity of the Office of the President, we were able to procure mention of our 150th Anniversary in President Colemanís 2009 Official Welcome Letter and also in her 2009 Welcome Video. The welcome letter was circulated to to numerous people and organizations associated with the university, including the University's Athletic Department. We were fortunate to then have the Athletic Department place this letter (and its message about our 150th Anniversary) into the Official Souvenir Programs which were sold at every home football game. This exposure gained us valuable recognition on campus by highlighting our history to an audience whom we typically have difficulty reaching, and it also served to strengthen our ties with the University Administration.

As we look back over the last year, we are thankful for the administrators who have helped us grow our presence on campus, and as we seek to continue to do so over the next 150 years, we are excited for an ever-strengthening relationship with our University.

Online Merchandise Ordering to Return

Thank you all for your immense patience over the past year and a half while we have brainstormed and worked with the University in relaunching an online ordering system to our current website! The business team has recognized the added burden of downloading, printing, and mailing in merchandise and ticket order forms during this period. Currently, New Technologies Manager Marcus Lewis, Faculty Advisor Carl Smith and I are in the testing phases of a new, secure ordering processing server fully consistent with recent University protocols of information and transaction security. We look forward to reinstating this valuable tool to our website for your convenience in the ordering process. Please continue to check our website for developments on this initiative in the next few months!

Anthony Ambroselli
Business Manager Emeritus

Big Ten Network Piece Now Online!

As mentioned in a previous email, the club was featured in a Big Ten Network show about the University of Michigan, entitled Out of the Blue. They have released the footage in digital form and you may now view the video on our website at ummgc.org. The video is prominently featured on the right half of the page under the "Video" heading.