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May 2010

In This Issue

  • From the Editor
  • Merch Update
  • Business Manager Recalls 150th

Letter from the Editor

This issue finds me sitting in Detroit Metro, waiting to board a plane that will take the club to Denver for the first stop on our West Coast Tour. What a year it's been. Travels throughout the Midwest, ACDA in Cincinatti, pre-Hills, and a year of celebrating 150 years of the UMMGC have once again brought us into the University's spotlight and reinvigorated our alumni base. I can't wait to see what next year brings.

If you live within driving distance of Denver, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Diego, or San Francisco, I encourage you to come to our concerts in those cities and enjoy a selection of music from the United States and across the world. Details can be found at ummgc.org.

Joe Wieciek, Alumni Relations Manager

New Merchandise Update

Director Paul Rardin

You know how sometimes itís nice to get a birthday present after your birthday? It kind of keeps the spirit of the special day alive?

Thatís what we were thinking all along when carefully planning to have our new 150th Anniversary merchandise delayed for various reasons. We thank all of you for your patience, particularly those of you who have pre-ordered copies. See below for expected launch dates for our three newest items. You can find an order form for most of our merchandise here.

Michigan Remember: UMMGCís Greatest Hits 1960-2010
This CD arrived with minor defects and has been returned along with an improved master disc. We will mail replacement copies to all who purchased and received CDs at the reunion. Estimated ship date: June 15.

Sing to the Colors: The University of Michigan Songbook
Our songbook is complete in content and layout, and is awaiting copyright approvals for several pieces. Estimated ship date: August 1.

150th Anniversary Alumni Concert
This CD of the spectacular alumni concert will be shipped to all alums who registered for the 150th. Estimated ship date: June 15.

Business Manager's Thoughts

To the alumni and guest participants of the 150th Anniversary Celebration, thank you for attending what was an unforgettable weekend. Having over 700 alumni and guests show up for a student organization reunion speaks volumes to the impact the Menís Glee Club has made and continues to make on the lives of clubbers through out the ages. To be a member of the Glee Club at any time, but especially this year, is spectacular. It was astounding to watch as so many alumni and volunteers poured time and effort into making the 150th Anniversary a great experience for all. To see men and women who have many other things they could be doing, be so dedicated to the Glee Club is inspiring. The support each and every one of you gives us -- whether you attend concerts, make donations, buy merchandise, or house Clubbers on tour -- helps make the Glee Club the great organization it is.

The 150th Anniversary was a culmination of countless hours of work by alumni and students, but moreover, it serves as the beginning of the next 150 years. I hope to see all of you at the 151st Fall Hill Concert, the 151st Spring Hill Concert, Cottage Inn the Thursday before those concerts, Pre-Hill Concerts, and during the upcoming West Coast Tour.

Ben Rizzo, Business Manager