Giving Information

Gifts to the University of Michigan Men's Glee Club are greatly appreciated. With the ever-increasing costs of performing and touring, any gift no matter the size makes a difference to the Club. If you would like to make a gift at this time you may either follow the link to Michigan Online Giving and make a secure donation online, or print and mail us the PDF Donor Form which follows.

Michigan Online Giving

or select: DONOR FORM (PDF)

All gifts are tax deductible and those $25 or more will be acknowledged by the Club in a future concert program and in Laudes, the official newsletter of the University of Michigan Men's Glee Club.

If you wish to contact our Development Office within the School of Music, Theatre & Dance, you can reach our Development contact, Ellen Kettler, at: 


Recognition levels are:

Director ------------------ $10,000+
Principal ------------------ $5000+
Sponsor ------------------ $2500+
Advisor ------------- $1000+
Patron ----------------- $500+
Benefactor ----------------- $250+
Associate --------------- $150+
Friend ------------------- $75+
Clubber ------------------- $25+

Gifts made to any of the University of Michigan Men's Glee Club funds outlined below are gifts to the University of Michigan. As such the gifts are fully tax deductible for Federal tax purposes and they qualify for the State of Michigan tax credit for gifts to higher education.

The University of Michigan Men's Glee Club is one of the premier choral ensembles on any campus anywhere! Founded in 1859, UMMGC is the longest-living student organization on the University of Michigan’s Ann Arbor campus and is honored to hold this distinction. Exhibiting a level of musical excellence unparalleled at the college level, the Club is dedicated to building, growing, and developing members who focus hard on rehearsal discipline, musical delivery, and overall quality. It’s also about enjoyment, engagement, and fun!  Even so, the costs of tours, tails, and tuition continue to escalate beyond available means…which provides a chance for you to help. As UMMGC strives to enhance its reputation for excellence, your support makes all the difference! Your generosity can enable the following:

  1. Michigan Song Sponsorship...$500: You can sponsor any of the Michigan songs which ring back to those “dear ol’ college days” to be performed at the concert.

  2. Voice Section Sponsorship…$2,500: Voice sections are where all the fun begins, where the real thrill resides. Intellectually competitive, musically cooperative, sections give the ensemble its balance, blend, and richness. Whether bass or baritone, second tenor or first, the pride of belonging engenders gladness, even glee, and offers an experience well beyond mere music. For each Hill concert, choose the 1st Tenor, 2nd Tenor, Baritone, or Bass section.

  3. Tour Concert Sponsorship…$5,000: On tour, young men relate and connect, achieving milestones, memories, and friendships that can last forever. It’s on tour where they grow and develop as individuals, maturing beyond their own imagined capacity. Most of all, it’s the on-tour experience that binds everyone in common passion—in tradition, camaraderie, and musical excellence. Select from multiple domestic tour concerts available annually, international concerts every three-four years.

  4. Hill Concert Sponsorship…$10,000: Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor—world-acclaimed performance venue since 1913…host to the likes of Caruso, Horowitz, Bernstein, Sutherland, Helen Hayes, Robert Frost, Ravi Shankar, B.B. King, and Bob Dylan…but home to the Men’s Glee Club. It’s OUR home field, our hallowed hall—acoustically pristine, stylistically pragmatic, emotionally aglow. You can sponsor either a fall or spring Hill concert.

Won’t you please voice your support and move into the Sponsor Circle today? You’ll join a select  and valued group of key contributors. Every Sponsor Circle member also receives complimentary VIP tickets to the year’s concerts in Hill, recognition in concert programs, a group photo with the sponsored section, and name/gift listing on a commemorative plaque. 

You can make your pledge by contacting Ellen Kettler, Development Office, School of Music, Theatre & Dance, University of Michigan 734-763-9769.

True endowments have been established for a restricted purpose from which only the income can be used for that restricted purpose. The fund balance of a true endowment cannot be invaded or used and is held in perpetuity for the restricted purpose. A quasi-endowment has been established for unrestricted purposes from which both the income and the fund balance can used.

Both the true endowment and quasi-endowment funds of the Men's Glee Club are invested in the University of Michigan's long-term investment portfolio. The Club, like all the other organizations across campus that have these funds, purchase shares in this portfolio just like a mutual fund. Quarterly income distributions are made September, December, March and June, which average 5% of the average market value of the fund.

True Endowment Funds (Fund and Income Use Restricted)

Men's Glee Club Tour Endowment - This true endowment fund was initiated in 2000. The income generated from the gifts made to this fund is used to help defray the ever-increasing cost of the Club's annual concert tours in the United States and abroad.

Philip Duey Scholarship Endowment - This true endowment was established in 1974 to honor the Club's long-term director. The income generated from gifts made to this fund provide the bulk of the scholarships to deserving Clubbers which are announced at the Club's annual spring concert.

James Shortt Memorial Endowment - This true endowment honors the Club's long term faculty advisor. The income generated from gifts made to this fund provides scholarships to deserving clubbers which are announced at the Club's annual spring concert.

Men's Glee Club Appearance Endowment - This true endowment was established in 1999. The income generated from the gifts made to this fund will in the future help defray the costs of the clubbers concert attire. The income currently generated is being used to purchase more shares in the fund to increase the size of the endowment.

Quasi-Endowment Fund (Fund and Income Use Unrestricted)

Men's Glee Club Unrestricted Operating Fund - This fund was established many years ago and continues to grow through the gifts made by alumni and friends of the Men's Glee Club. It provides the earning capacity of a true endowment fund while providing the Club flexibility to manage cash flows through the ability to draw from the fund balance. The income derived from this fund provides the income and borrowing capacity necessary to defray some of the expenses of the overseas tours and gives the Club additional operational funding that allows special activities to take place such as the fall 2001 performance of the Brahms Requiem and 150th Anniversary Celebration.

Questions regarding these or other giving opportunities to the Club or about the University's long-term portfolio should be directed to Ellen Kettler, MGC Development Contact, at, 734-763-9769.