Brothers In Song – Chicago

Posted by Raymond Strobel, Small Groups and BIS-Chicago Operations Manager on February 8, 2012 at 17:05

Thursday Night post-rehearsal revelry, hearty laughs shared among friends, Hill Auditorium filled with excited concertgoers.  All three are memories common to a member of UMMGC, and for that reason constitute the pillars of this organization: Tradition, Camaraderie, and Musical Excellence.  In my October 2011 eLaudes article, I described how we, as clubbers, have a common responsibility to ensure the growth of Club so that future generations of Michigan Men may too enjoy the title of “Clubber,” and wear it proudly.

As students and stewards of the Club’s resources, we also bear the responsibility of using the club’s energies for the good of local and global communities.  Our “Brothers in Song,” program is a fantastic example of Club’s current efforts to carry out its firm commitment to community outreach and engagement initiatives. BIS has allowed the Glee Club to share its love for music, inspire the pursuit of higher education, and t become friends with, learn from, and mentor hundreds of youth vocalists across the state of Michigan.

This semester, the Glee Club will be collaborating with The Chicago Children’s Choir for the Brothers in Song program. Clubbers are looking forward to growing together as musicians and sharing in each other’s unique and diverse experiences.  We hope you’ll consider attending Club’s joint concert with CCC on the 24th of March at the auditorium at Northeastern Illinois University; it’ll surely be a night filled with unforgettable music.  Lastly, our sincere thanks go out to all Chicago alumni who are housing Glee Clubbers over our three weekend rehearsals with CCC and making this program possible through their generous donations; we look forward to seeing you soon!

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