Posted by Marc Campos, MVAD Coordinator on February 8, 2012 at 17:18

January 7th, 2012 was a day of great collaboration between the UMMGC and our high school brothers in choirs across the state. Long acknowledged as one of our largest recruiting efforts, Male Vocal Arts Day (MVAD) has been a staple of the UMMGC calendar since 1991. In the 22nd annual event I am proud to relay that club was able to coordinate one of the most successful MVAD’s in recent memory. 375 young men from 45 schools in Michigan were in attendance this year. Hailing from as far as Elk Rapids, and as close as Ann Arbor, high school singers participated in a day long workshop facilitated by Dr. Eugene Rogers.  

Ringing with notes skillfully played by UMMGC pianist David Gilliland, the Rogel Ballroom came alive as Dr. Rogers and the students came together to learn three pieces of music. With club’s arrival in the early afternoon, college and high school students combined for a joint rehearsal culminating in a free concert at Hill Auditorium. For many of the high school men it was their first experience with a substantial all male chorus, and we can be sure that it will not be their last encounter with collegiate music, whether it be at the University of Michigan or at another institution. Several students expressed that they would be greatly interested in club, with reasons that ranged from the coat and tie attire to the professional and mature manner in which members presented themselves.

Additionally, this year for the first time the UMMGC created a subsidy program that allowed students from underserved communities to attend MVAD regardless of economic constraints. The program was a rousing success, and we had over 50 high school students who were not able to attend in the past participate in this year’s MVAD. As a result, high school students, Clubbers, and faculty were able to collaborate with and learn from students from diverse backgrounds across the State.

Personally, it has been a pleasure to give back to an organization that has provided so many memories in my college career and as MVAD coordinator for 2012; I only hope that this day will have inspired future Wolverines to pursue their love of music with UMMGC.

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