Announcing Alumni-Clubber Mentoring Program

Posted by Bill Tiffan on March 20, 2012 at 04:35

You may recall a brief mention of this program in last fall’s alumni communication. The Alumni Network is pleased to announce that we are ready to launch our pilot mentoring program. Over 25 alumni indicated an interest when they signed up to join the Alumni Network. So they will automatically be given the opportunity to confirm their participation but we wanted to make it known more broadly in case a few more of you would like to help out.

In a nutshell, we’re asking alumni to provide some contact information that includes their work experience and current job by industry. Clubbers will be given a list of participating alumni and invited to contact anyone on the list who has a background that looks interesting to the student. The two people will connect, share experiences, and the student will get valuable answers to such questions as “what is a typical day in your job like?” to “what prepared you the best for this role/career?” to “what can you tell me about being a (specific job title) that I probably wouldn’t hear about as a student?” etc. 

The idea is for alumni to be able to give back to the Club in other ways than financially and for Clubbers to benefit from the work experience of alumni.

The initiative will lie with the Clubbers. The contacts can be by phone, email and/or face-to-face meetings depending on proximity and mutual agreement.

Your role as an alumnus is to provide some wisdom, ideas and serve as a sounding board for Clubbers who are looking for advice from those who share their commitment to excellence in all areas of life.

Please contact Paul Byrd at if you are interested in learning more. Paul is our alumni mentoring “match maker.”

In T, C, and ME,

Bill Tiffan

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