UMMGC and Central Student Government: A Culture of Leadership

Posted by Domenic Rizzolo, UMMGC Social Chair, forUM Representative Candidate for LSA on March 20, 2013 at 17:42

The Men's Glee Club was founded and continues to grow on our three pillars: tradition, camaraderie, and musical excellence. These pillars manifest themselves in many ways each year. Often times our experiences of these pillars spill beyond Glee Club rehearsals and concerts. Clubbers bond and socialize over mutual interests, study for tests together, hold sectionals to prepare for extra concerts, and observe traditions (like snapping instead of clapping) even outside of the MLB. It should come as no surprise that a group with such strong bonds in friendship and history would stick together for more than just singing.

This semester though, this sense of community has permutated into a surprising form: a political party.

When Chris Osborn, (current UMMGC parliamentarian and Central Student Government Treasurer now seeing the student-body presidency), set out to create the new forUM party, he sought to bring students from diverse backgrounds together to create a strong student government. With a slate of 44 students from 17 colleges on campus, he did a very good job of that. Inadvertently though, his party had brought together many Glee Clubbers with strong opinions on how to improve life on campus. Six members of the Glee Club are now running in the March 27-28 Central Student Government elections. Among them, is Osborn running for President, and 5 others running to represent forUM in the Student Assembly, with candidates representing the Rackham Graduate College, LSA, Taubman Architectural College, the Ross School of Business, and the School of Education. Many more clubbers have spent their time volunteering for these campaigns as well. While 5 of 44 seats may seem like a small percentage (about 11%), Clubber culture has permeated into forUM, as observed by the choruses of snapping at its weekly meetings. Clubbers have always spent time outside of rehearsals representing the ideals like those that the Men's Glee Club strives to perpetuate, and now they have the chance to represent their entire university in doing so.

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