Two Traditions Face-to-Face

Posted by Daniel Walden, Rackham, UMMGC Librarian on August 28, 2013 at 18:31

At Michigan, we love our football team, and even the most hardened Michigan Man goes a little weak at the knees at the thought of meeting them all at once.  You can imagine, then, how a few members of the Glee Club felt as we were led into Schembechler Hall to “teach” The Victors to the fresh faces on Team 134, though I’m quite sure that there wasn’t a man among them who didn’t know our beloved fight song by heart.  After an extremely informative tour of the practice fields, we were shown into Coach Brady Hoke’s office, where he graciously told us how much he looks forward to our coming in every year before leading us into the meeting room to meet the full team.

If you envision a Glee Club business meeting with about three times the body mass, you’ll have a pretty good idea of the atmosphere of the room.  After a short introduction and sing-through, Coach Hoke and the upperclassmen decided to make sure the freshmen had learned their lesson, and we were nearly crowded out of view as they were sent to the front with us and told to sing it back.  After one last group rendition of The Victors and a couple of encores from the Glee Club, we were sent on our way with shirts and hats for our troubles.  I’m sure, however, that I’m not alone in thinking that participating in the coming-together of two of Michigan’s most cherished traditions was reward enough for all of us.

In T., C., and M.E.

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