MGC on the Move: Social Dues

Posted by Domenic Rizzolo '15, Social Chair on October 4, 2013 at 10:42

One hundred fifty-four years of Glee and Camaraderie still abounds. This year, to supplement our host of exciting social events, Club has made the decision to implement a small semesterly social due through an amendment to our Constitution. Each semester, clubbers will contribute fifteen dollars to a Club-wide social fund. Through use of the new fund, we look to provide more social outings and to foster greater inclusiveness amontg clubbers. Traditionally, members cover the charges at the end of social events, which either forces everybody to stay later or the events to close down earlier. Now, with funding available up front, clubbers can arrive and depart to events like bowling and laser tag on their own schedules. From Big Brother/Little Brother dinners to starting intramural sports teams, encouraging a greater variety of social events has been the continuing mission for the Social Chairs. Now, instead of working to wrangle up funding before we plan outings, we can devote time and energy towards making memorable fun.

The ultimate goal of the fund is to carry over a bit each semester, growing into a sizable repository of funds. New options are opening up for clubbers; social merchandise, like windbreakers and sweatshirts, is no longer out of reach. Alumni-clubber dinners are back on the table. More activities that include all walks of clubbers are opening up left and right.  With dash of financial oversight from the Executive Committee, we look forward to growing and expanding our social fund nest egg with the dream of one day never paying for pizza or pop.


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