Phone-A-Thon 2013: Accessibility

Posted by Patrick Pjesky '15, Alumni Relations Manager on November 3, 2013 at 17:41

The Glee Club has been quite busy the last two weeks as we have been enthusiastically contacting all of our alumni as part of our Phone-A-Thon Engagement Drive. It certainly has been a rewarding experience across the board; both our new clubbers and the alumni they’ve called have been very conversational and excited to be in touch with the members of Club 154.

We have re-focused the fundraising drive that comes with Phone-A-Thon to be in line with our new organizational case statement. Since we are in the Fall Semester and our cohort of New Clubbers have only just begun to receive their tuxedos, we’ve been especially concentrated on improving the Club’s Appearance Endowment. The Appearance Endowment is charged with improving the accessibility of the Glee Club by removing (if not someday eliminating) the financial boundary for new and prospective members that comes with the purchase of concert attire.

If you have yet to be contacted by the Club (either due to a lack of updated information or otherwise) please email me, Patrick Pjesky at with your updated contact information. Please also be in contact if you would like to know more of our endowments and how you can aid in bettering the UMMGC experience for its members and its alumni.

As always, Go Blue! 

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