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UMMGC Announces Interactive Timeline

by Patrick Pjesky '15 on December 3, 2013

The Glee Club would like to announces its publishing of an interactive timeline on our website! Our major media manager Billy Cedar along with our historians Sakib Jabbar and Jon Bohenick have been working hard to compile a virtual journey through the history of the Glee Club. This will be constantly updated as we receive more information from the Bentley Historical Library and from any alumni who might have their own stories or materials to share. 

Phone-A-Thon 2013: Accessibility

by Patrick Pjesky '15, Alumni Relations Manager on November 3, 2013

The Glee Club has been quite busy the last two weeks as we have been enthusiastically contacting all of our alumni as part of our Phone-A-Thon Engagement Drive. It certainly has been a rewarding experience across the board; both our new clubbers and the alumni they’ve called have been very conversational and excited to be in touch with the members of Club 154.

We have re-focused the fundraising drive that comes with Phone-A-Thon to be in line with our new organizational case statement. Since we are in the Fall Semester and our cohort of New Clubbers have only just begun to receive their tuxedos, we’ve been especially concentrated on improving the Club’s Appearance Endowment. The Appearance Endowment is charged with improving the accessibility of the Glee Club by removing (if not someday eliminating) the financial boundary for new and prospective members that comes with the purchase of concert attire.

If you have yet to be ... Continue Reading

UMMGC to Perform at MusicFest Canada

by Stephen Gusukuma, Assistant Conductor on October 22, 2013

The Michigan Men’s Glee Club has accepted an invitation to perform at the 2014 MusicFest Canada in Vancouver, BC, on May 15, 2014.  In its 42nd year, MusicFest Canada serves to showcase ensembles from across North America, while providing over 10,000 Canadian students and music educators with the opportunity to gather, perform, and foster a love for music making across the country. 

MGC on the Move: Social Dues

by Domenic Rizzolo '15, Social Chair on October 4, 2013

One hundred fifty-four years of Glee and Camaraderie still abounds. This year, to supplement our host of exciting social events, Club has made the decision to implement a small semesterly social due through an amendment to our Constitution. Each semester, clubbers will contribute fifteen dollars to a Club-wide social fund. Through use of the new fund, we look to provide more social outings and to foster greater inclusiveness amontg clubbers. Traditionally, members cover the charges at the end of social events, which either forces everybody to stay later or the events to close down earlier. Now, with funding available up front, clubbers can arrive and depart to events like bowling and laser tag on their own schedules. From Big Brother/Little Brother dinners to starting intramural sports teams, encouraging a greater variety of social events has been the continuing mission for the Social Chairs. Now, instead of working to ... Continue Reading

Brothers in Song LA: Planning an Exciting Development

by Kyle Walenta '16, Community Outreach Manager on August 28, 2013

The UMMGC “Brothers in Song” program continues to grow this year! We are proud to announce we are taking the program to the West Coast where we plan on sending a group of clubbers in March to engage and grow with several high schools in the Los Angeles area. This summer, planning has already begun as we have developed a detailed budget and rough schedule of our plans.

The goal is to take 24 clubbers to host a larger group than we have in the past, but to still be matched with high school students with “Big Brother-Little Brother” relationships. Our venue will hopefully be on campus at UCLA where we will hold a 5 hour workshop followed by an evening activity and dinner the little brothers.  As all the details are beginning to formulate into concrete plans, it is difficult for me to contain my excitement as we await another opportunity to impact the world outside of Ann Arbor and to hopefully touch a few students’ lives.  ... Continue Reading

Two Traditions Face-to-Face

by Daniel Walden, Rackham, UMMGC Librarian on August 28, 2013

At Michigan, we love our football team, and even the most hardened Michigan Man goes a little weak at the knees at the thought of meeting them all at once.  You can imagine, then, how a few members of the Glee Club felt as we were led into Schembechler Hall to “teach” The Victors to the fresh faces on Team 134, though I’m quite sure that there wasn’t a man among them who didn’t know our beloved fight song by heart.  After an extremely informative tour of the practice fields, we were shown into Coach Brady Hoke’s office, where he graciously told us how much he looks forward to our coming in every year before leading us into the meeting room to meet the full team.

If you envision a Glee Club business meeting with about three times the body mass, you’ll have a pretty good idea of the atmosphere of the room.  After a short introduction and sing-through, Coach Hoke and the upperclassmen decided to make sure the freshmen had ... Continue Reading

Back to Ann Arbor for Another Year of Song

by Patrick Pjesky '15, Alumni Relations Manager on August 27, 2013

It seems that only yesterday the exhausted members of Club 154 were disembarking off the well-used tour bus having just returned from that Historic Glee Club Triumvirate Concert at Harvard University and a packed hall at Lincoln Center.

We in the Glee Club have been receiving nothing but praise and thanks for the impression that was left by such an important tour and its performances. As we move forward from what was certainly a once-in-a-lifetime experience and an incredible year, we look forward to the upcoming year and the opportunities and challenges it holds.

Dr. Rogers has chosen “Songs of Innocence and Experience” as the 2013-14 Concert Theme for the Glee Club. As the good conductor himself put it, this year’s musical repertoire will “allow us to explore many vocal colors and ideas from all over the world as we deal with the 'contrary states of the human soul.'” Here’s to a successful and inspirational musical ... Continue Reading

Fall 2013 Auditions!

by UMMGC on June 19, 2013

The Men's Glee Club is happy to announce that auditions have been scheduled for our 154th year in song. If you know of anyone interested in joining, encourage them to stop by the Michigan Union on the first Thursday and Friday in September from 6-10pm to have the opportunity to join in tradition, camraderie, and musical excellence. We also encourage sign ups in advance, more information can be found on this page.

Brothers in Song: A New Guy's Perspective

by Kyle Walenta, Community Outreach Manager on April 18, 2013

Of all the rewarding things the Glee Club does, Brothers in Song has certainly been for me one of the most exciting and rewarding. Being only a freshman myself, this is the first year I have been both honored and excited to be able to participate. In the fall, we partnered with a strong male chorus from Detroit School of the Arts, and expanded this winter semester all the way to Washington D.C.  The boys from Duke Ellington School of the Arts were more than a pleasure to work with. Mentoring and singing with the students and seeing how we came together with such ease due to our shared passion for music resulted in me feeling empowered to give the students a glimpse into the collegiate experience.

Coming out of high school, music was something I knew was essential in my life and the Men’s Glee Club here at Michigan has been far more than just another musical outlet. Being a clubber has blessed me with growing friendships ... Continue Reading

Departing Senior Reflects on Years Passed

by Raul Jimenez, Vice President on April 18, 2013

As my tenure with the University of Michigan Men’s Glee Club comes to a close, reflection has become inevitable. From the minute I walked off stage after our Spring Hill Concert, nostalgia has accompanied every second of every day. More importantly, though, I find myself feeling an overwhelming sense gratitude for my brothers in song and the loyal patrons who support us.

When I joined the Men’s Glee Club in the fall of 2009, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I had never sung in choir before and my definition of a Glee Club had been biased by the show “Glee” which just so happened to premier the week before I auditioned. I would have never predicted the impact that this organization, its musical directors, and its members were going to have on my life.

Whenever I am asked to share my most memorable Glee Club experience, I always mention my very first walk-on in Hill Auditorium. As I walked on stage and looked ... Continue Reading