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2013 East Coast Tour Stops Announced!

by Justin Lu, 2013 East Coast Tour Manager on March 24, 2013

I am pleased to announce the locations for this year's Spring Tour in May! The locations are as follows:

- Hilton Head Island, SC
- South Boston, VA
- Richmond, VA
- Washington, DC
- Philadelphia, PA
- New York, NY
- Boston, MA

Feel free to click here for a more comprehensive itinerary and to view ticketing information. Please do not hesitate to contact me at should you require more information about the Tour.

Brothers in Song: New Club Leadership Reflects

by Jordan Bell, Assistant Publicity Manager on March 20, 2013

The Brother’s in Song Program was an initiative started by the Glee Club to diversify the audience exposed not only to the Glee Club, but also the University of Michigan as a whole. Throughout this program the Glee Club has traveled to schools in Detroit and Chicago, and this year, we will be traveling to Washington D.C.

The Glee Club sends a small group of clubbers to travel to a participating high school, in order to rehearse with the younger students. It certainly provides a great opportunity for mentorship and mutual learning! In the fall 2012, members of the Glee Club traveled twice to the Detroit School of Arts (DSA) to rehearse with Vision, their all-male vocal group. Not only do the participants sing at the rehearsals, but each high school student is also paired with a Glee Club member. The one-on-one interactions provide a more comfortable environment for the high school students. Many ask questions about the ... Continue Reading

UMMGC and Central Student Government: A Culture of Leadership

by Domenic Rizzolo, UMMGC Social Chair, forUM Representative Candidate for LSA on March 20, 2013

The Men's Glee Club was founded and continues to grow on our three pillars: tradition, camaraderie, and musical excellence. These pillars manifest themselves in many ways each year. Often times our experiences of these pillars spill beyond Glee Club rehearsals and concerts. Clubbers bond and socialize over mutual interests, study for tests together, hold sectionals to prepare for extra concerts, and observe traditions (like snapping instead of clapping) even outside of the MLB. It should come as no surprise that a group with such strong bonds in friendship and history would stick together for more than just singing.

This semester though, this sense of community has permutated into a surprising form: a political party.

When Chris Osborn, (current UMMGC parliamentarian and Central Student Government Treasurer now seeing the student-body presidency), set out to create the new forUM party, he sought to bring students from ... Continue Reading

[art]seen Reviews UMMGC's 153rd Fall Hill Concert

by UMMGC on February 6, 2013

Reposted from [art]seen:

Last night I went to the University of Michigan Men’s Glee Club 153rd Annual Fall Concert.  I brought my friend along, and we had great seats on the main floor front and center.  Hill Auditorium is a great place for concerts, with a big, open, well-lit stage and comfy cushioned red seats.  As I walked into the auditorium, my first impression was overjoyed at the sound of such harmonious singing.  I was impressed at how the men sang in such perfect harmony and with such poise.  They exhibited great stature and confidence throughout the entire concert ... Continue Reading

New Merch Items!

by Jacob Nathanson, Merchandise Manager on January 27, 2013

To bring in the new semester, the University of Michigan Men’s Glee Club is proud to offer UMMGC shot glasses, UMMGC pint glasses, and UMMGC bottle openers available for sale from our online store or from our merchandise tables at our next concert. Descriptions of our products can be found on the product’s link. Thank you for your continuing support of the UMMGC and Go Blue!

UPDATE: Unfortunately, we have had to remove the pint and shot glasses from the store due to high shipping and handling costs. These items will still be available to buy at UMMGC concerts. We're sorry for the inconvenience!

UMMGC shot glass, pint glass, and bottle opener

UMMGC Sings before Messiah performance

by UMMGC on December 12, 2012

On December 1st, members of the Glee Club sang outside of Hill Auditorium for attendees of the performance of Handel's Messiah. Check out the video embedded below!

Michigan Moments - Perfect Harmony

by UMMGC on November 27, 2012

Republished from the University of Michigan Alumni Association.

Bill Niemann,’60, MBA’62, stayed closely connected to U-M even after moving to California following graduation. His love for choral singing and a fateful afternoon with the University of Michigan Men's Glee Club gave him an idea. Bill recalls that unforgettable event and how it led to something even greater. When it came to fruition, Californians got a taste of Michigan music that they won’t soon forget.

UMMGC Fall Concert Invitation - November 17th, 2012

by Eugene Rogers, Director on November 14, 2012

This year marks our 153rd season, and it is with much enthusiasm that we invite you to our Fall Hill Auditorium concert. This Saturday’s performance is the beginning of our yearlong focus on Music of the Americas where we will explore such musical styles and composers from the 16th century to the present from North, South, and Central America. As our year culminates in some of the most historic places in our country (Virginia, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, New York, and Boston), musically we aim to reflect those rich traditions.

I hope to see you at the concert!

Greetings from 2012-13 UMMGC President Steven Fisher

by Steven Fisher, President on October 25, 2012

Our 153rd year is underway here in Ann Arbor, and we're busy preparing for this year’s fall Hill concert. Like every semester, we started with auditions and now boast 36 fantastic new members. They're hitting the ground running, and like the rest of us, they couldn't be more excited for what the year holds.

A few of the highlights this year include our Brothers in Song program and our spring tour. This fall we are partnering with the Detroit School of Arts as a part of our Brothers in Song program, and for the first time our partner school will be joining us in concert twice - once at Hartford Memorial Baptist Church in Detroit and once here on campus at Hill Auditorium. Additionally, this winter we'll be taking the Brothers in Song program to DC where we'll be working with Duke Ellington School for the Arts. That program will culminate with a concert in DC as a part of our spring tour. That tour will also include visits ... Continue Reading

Introducing Stephen Gusukuma, 2012-13 MGC Assistant Conductor

by Stephen Gusukuma, Assistant Conductor on October 25, 2012

It has been such a wonderful pleasure to step foot on campus at the University of Michigan and into the position of Assistant Conductor of the Men’s Glee Club.  Coming from Baylor University, which itself has a rich tradition of choral music making, I thought I understood the power of tradition.  After my first month on campus, I now can see the depth and breadth of the roots of this fraternity.  Tradition, Camaraderie, Musical Excellence:  These things are all alive and well.  While this organization represents itself and the University at the highest level nationally and internationally, I am more pleased with the community impact of the Men’s Glee Club through programs like Brothers in Song. 

I have said many times that every college in the nation wants a Men’s Glee Club like the one here at Michigan, and in the same way, the Men’s Glee Club is looked to as a model for repertoire and programming ideas.  That tradition ... Continue Reading