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A Message from A-Net President Chris Nordhoff

GENTLEMEN: Chris Nordhoff here, former President of the UMMGC and current President of the UMMGC Alumni Network inviting you to join our growing organization as a contributing member. 
Our A-Net mission is simple: Connect - Support – Perform

What I’m asking of you: A really small financial contribution and none of your time unless you elect to participate in optional events, of course! 
What can you expect to get in return? Invites to participate in A-Net-sponsored events; discounted (frequently free) participation fees for those events; knowledge that your membership is keeping you connected to the Club and supporting the mission: Connect – Support – Perform. 

Here’s what that means
CONNECT —to other alumni and alumni to students (and vice versa). 
Each year, the A-Net sponsors several social gatherings for the purpose of bringing UMMGC alumni and students together to share experiences, some laughs, and of course, some singing. We’re also working to foster mentoring relationships between students and alumni with careers in the students’ chosen fields. 

SUPPORT—for the current Glee Club. 
Annually, about half of your A-Net dues go to the UMMGC through direct financial support: By sponsoring a Michigan Song at both Hill Concerts and by supporting specific undertakings as requested by the UMMGC (i.e. their 2015 ACDA appearance). 

PERFORM—through reunions, rehearsals, and performances with Club. 
Every reunion that has happened since 2010 (normally one each year) has been led by the A-Net. In addition, the A-Net produces singing opportunities such as pre-Hill alumni rehearsals and last January’s Winter Sing with Yale. It also makes possible alumni participation in the UMMGC’s quadrennial (or thereabouts) overseas tour, including this year’s 49-member alumni/family/friends participation in the Club’s South Africa tour. Our long-term goal is to establish an alumni chorus with our own director and our own tours (which Yale has had for nearly 20 years – not that we’re competing or anything…) 

Whether or not you personally participate in any of the above activities, your dues ensure that you’ll be aware of opportunities when they arise. More importantly, your membership dues will ensure that the A-Net will continue to have the resources required to achieve its mission of Connect – Support – Perform. 

This year, the A-Net is taking a simpler, less intrusive approach to member recruitment: You will not be getting 8-10 e-mail blasts. You’ll get just a couple plus one thank-you/reminder. That’s it! 

If you elect to register for Auto-Renew, your membership will be automatically renewed each year and PayPal will notify you in advance. 

You can make your A-Net commitment today. Complete the form above to register as a contributing member for 2016-17. 

Membership dues for the A-Net are simple and affordable: 
        $10 - for 1st-5th year alumni
        $25 - for alumni of 5 years and beyond

Get into the picture! Be a proud UMMGC alumnus! Join the A-Net and support your Michigan Men's Glee Club today! 

Chris Nordhoff ‘91
Alumni Network President

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