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The Men’s Glee Club Fall 2019 auditions are now closed. Thank you to everyone who applied! To subscribe to updates for upcoming Winter 2020 auditions follow this link.

Check out our FAQ section below if you have any questions, and feel free to contact us if you have any others!

Who are we? 

Founded in 1859, the University of Michigan Men’s Glee Club is the oldest student organization on campus, and the second oldest collegiate choir in the country. We’re made up of around 100 male-identifying students from all across the University of Michigan’s campus. Together we create an environment of camaraderie, inclusion, service, leadership, and musical excellence.

The Men’s Glee Club performs in many different settings each year. Each semester we have a concert in the historic Hill Auditorium, as well as performances at various sporting events across campus. This fall, our concert will be focused on men’s mental health. We also perform at local food banks and sing to hospital patients. Last year we partnered with the Prison Creative Arts Project to sing for over 120 inmates at Milan Federal Prison. Through this partnership we plan to continue and expand our engagement with incarcerated people in the coming years.

Finally, the Men’s Glee Club travels on two tours each year, spreading our music domestically or internationally. This upcoming Spring, we will be traveling to Argentina, Chile, and Peru as part of our 2020 international tour.

How New Singers Join the Choir

We hold auditions every fall and spring to admit new singers. Our audition process consists of two parts: a 5 minute singing audition with our musical director and a 5 minute interview with our executive board.

The singing portion consists of:

  1. Singing a short solo that highlights your choral singing ability (if you aren’t sure what to sing, we recommend “My Country Tis of Thee”)

  2. Vocal range and tonal quality testing

  3. Minimal sight reading

The interview is run by 10 members of our executive board. It is not meant to be stressful for auditionees, we simply want to get to know you and hear why you want to join the Glee Club. The decision of who is invited to be a part of the choir rests ultimately with the musical director, however the interview is an important method by which we can get to know more about you before a final decision is reached.

Rehearsals and Time Commitment

We rehearse every Thursday and Sunday evening while school is in session. These rehearsals are two hours each, totaling in four hours of rehearsal each week. We have two major concerts in our choral year: The Fall Hill Concert in November and The Spring Hill Concert in April. Both concerts take place in the acoustically perfect Hill Auditorium at the University of Michigan. Singers are expected to be at every rehearsal during the year. However, exceptions will be made in the case of maintaining mental and physical health, as well as allowing members to participate in Marching Band. With this in mind, we expect members to plan ahead and make firm commitments to each concert of the season.

Financial Commitment

The Men's Glee Club is a student-run ensemble affiliated with the School of Music, Theatre & Dance at the University of Michigan. Because of this, members are responsible for providing their own performance attire, which consists of black tails, a white tux shirt and vest, and black patent-leather shoes. This attire is part of our tradition and enhances our on-stage appearance. Members can purchase the outfit through a local men's clothier with whom the Glee Club has made arrangements. The approximate cost is $350. Also, a fully refundable music deposit of $45 is required. Although these fees are necessary, we never put financial ability before musical, and as such, arrangements can be made for those members unable to meet the costs mentioned.

Check out our recent performances:

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be enrolled at the University of Michigan to participate? Do I have to be a student in the music school?

You must be enrolled at the University of Michigan as a student, but you do not have to be a student in the School of Music, Theatre, and Dance. You do not have to be enrolled at the Ann Arbor campus either, but you must be able to attend all rehearsals.

Can I still be part of the Glee Club if I haven’t sung in a choir before?

Of course! We are looking for fabulous people with great voices, but having previous experience singing in a choir is not a requirement.

How large is the Men’s Glee Club?

The Men’s Glee Club is made up of around 100 male-identifying students from across the university.

What’s the time commitment to be in the Glee Club?

The Glee Club rehearses for 4 hours each week: Thursdays from 7-9pm and Sundays from 6-8pm. Following each rehearsal we have a short business meeting. On top of rehearsals, we expect each Clubber to dedicate some time each week towards memorizing music.

Can I go on tour after my first year in Club?

Yes! Our tour list is determined by a points system: the people who volunteer and make Club run smoother are awarded points, and the 52 Clubbers with the most points are asked to perform on tour. Each year we have a few “New Guys” who make the list. This year (2019-2020) we will be going on an international tour to South America, so everyone is invited on tour.

How many performances does the Glee Club have each semester?

The Glee Club has about four performances each semester: a concert at the historic Hill Auditorium, a concert in the local community, and any other events determined at the beginning of the semester.

Will I earn academic credit for being part of the Glee Club?

Yes! Each member of the Glee Club earns one academic credit each semester.