Polo shirt with UMMGC key

Embroidered with the key that has come to be the symbol of the Men's Glee Club. It's perfect for reunions or just to wear around. Size S available.

Cost: $30

University of Michigan Men's Glee Club presents Love, Life, and Loss.

Cost: $25

Michigan Remember CD cover

University of Michigan Men's Glee Club (2010)

Philip Duey, Willis Patterson, Leonard Johnson, Patrick Gardner, Bradley Bloom, Jerry Blackstone, Stephen Lusmann, Paul Rardin, conductors

Made for the 150th anniversary of Glee Club, this CD contains Club's greatest hits from 1959-2009. Notable tracks include Ain't Got Time to Die and Loch Lomond.

Track Listing

1. Laudes atque carmina Albert Stanley [1:01]
2. Hallelujah, amen from Judas Maccabeus | George Frederic Handel, arranged by Philip Duey [3:01]
3. Veni, Sancte Spiritus Leos Janacek [1:49]
4. Psaume 121 Darius Milhaud [3:07]
5. Ave Maria Franz Biebl [7:55]
6. In taberna from Carmina Burana | Carl Orff [3:32]
7. The Last Words of David Randall Thompson [3:16]
8. Whitman from The Celestial Vision | Paul Creston [4:14]
9. To Musick Steven Stucky [3:06]
10. Dance from Invocation and Dance | David Conte [5:28]
11. Dana-Dana Hungarian Folk Song, arranged by Philip Duey [1:19]
12. Loch Lomond Scottish Folk Song, arranged by Jonathan Quick
13. Kpanlongo West African Folk Song, arranged by Derek Bermel [3:28]
14. Witness Spiritual, arranged by Philip Duey [1:58]
15. Deep river Spiritual, arranged by H.T. Burleigh [3:01]
16. Elijah rock Spiritual, arranged by Jester Hairston [2:00]
17. Ain't Got Time to Die Spiritual, arranged by Philip Duey [2:33]
18. Stomp your foot from The Tender Land | American Folk Song, arranged by Aaron Copland [3:01]
19. Lowlands American Sea Chantey, arranged by Roger Wagner [3:34]
20. Have Your Lamps Gone Out? African-American Song, arranged by Malcolm Dalglish [5:22]
21. Rocking Chair Hoagy Carmichael, arranged by Philip Duey [3:01]
22. The Yellow and Blue Michael W. Balfe [1:04]

Cost: $22

150th Reunion concert CD cover

University of Michigan Men's Glee Club Alumni (2010)

Please note that any alumni who attended the alumni weekend are receiving a gratis copy of this CD.

Track Listing

1. Laudes atque Carmina Albert A. Stanley
Pre-1969 Alumni Choir
2. Brothers Sing On Edvard Grieg
3. There is a blam in Gilead Spiritual, arr. William Dawson
4. Battle Hymn of the Republic William Steffe & Julia Ward Howe, Arr. Roy Wingwald
1969-1988 Alumni Choir
5. The Last Words of David Randall Thompson
6. Ain' Got Time to Die Spiritual, arr. Philip Duey
7. Soon-ah will be done Spiritual, arr. William Dawson
1988-2002 Alumni Choir
8. Blow ye the trumpet Kirke Mechem
9. Spaseniye sodelal Pavel Chesnekov, arr. Vladimir Morrison
10. I Have Had Singing Ron Jeffers '67
2002-2009 Alumni Choir
11. Cantate Domino Hans Leo Hassler, arr. Archibald Davidson
12. Loch Lomond Scottish Folk Song, arr. Jonathan Quick
13. Freedom Come Ben Allaway
150th Alumni Glee Club
14. Ave Maria Ron Jeffers
15. The Hymn J. Fred Lawton & Earl V. Moore
16. I'll Ne'er Forget My College Days Donald A. Kahn & Earl V. Moore
17. The Friar's Song Willis Diekema, Robert G. Beck
18. Varsity Earl V. Moore, J. Fred Lawton
19. Victors Louis Elbel
20. The Yellow and Blue Michael W. Balfe, charles M. Gayley
21. The Yellow and Blue Michael W. Balfe
Cost: $18

Songs of Michigan CD cover

University of Michigan Men's Glee Club (2009)

Various conductors

With Varsity and the Victors, the Yellow and Blue, and all your favorite Michigan Classics, it is a must-own for any alumnus of the University. Re-released in 2009 with the addition of Michigan Remember, our newest Michigan song composed by Paul Rardin, Club's current conductor.

NOTE: The playlist below is from the 2005 edition. We will post the 2009 playlist soon.

Track Listing


1. Laudes Atque Carmina Albert A. Stanley
Michigan Medley:
    2. 'Tis of Michigan We Sing Anonymous
    3. A Toast to Michigan Louis Elbel
    4. I Want to Go Back to Michigan Anonymous
5. Goddess of the Inland Seas John Peters
6. I'll Ne'er Forget my College Days Earl V. Moore
7. Go Blue Philip A. Duey
8. The Hymn Earl V. Moore
9. The University Hazen J. Schumacher
10. Ann Arbor Day George Roderick
11. The Friar's Song William A. Diekema
12. Memories of Michigan David S. Cortright
13. In College Days (The Old Friar's Song)      Harold M. Bowman
14. Michigan Men Anonymous
15. The Bum Army Earl V. Moore
16. Varsity Earl V. Moore
17. Victors Louis Elbel
18. The Yellow and Blue Michael W. Balfe
19. A Passerby Byron Adams
20. An Irish Airman Foresees His Death Byron Adams
21. El Yivneh Hagalil arr. Peter Sozio
22. Spaseniye (Salvation is Created) Pavel Chesnokov/arr. N. Lindsay Norden
23. Ave Maria Franz Biebl
24. I'm a Rollin' arr. Paul Rardin
25. Hol' You Han' arr. Paul Rardin
26. Witness arr. Moses Hogan
Cost: $18

Under the Pyrenees (Espana 2008) CD cover

University of Michigan Men's Glee Club (2009)

Paul Rardin, Conductor

Recorded during Club's 2008 trip across Spain, Under the Pyrenees comprises musical selections sung in many of the most beautiful venues Club has ever visited. While listening, you can almost see the picturesque landscapes of the Spanish countryside.

Track Listing


1. Laudes atque carmina Albert Stanley  [1:24]
2. O sacrum convivium Tomas Luis de Victoria, arr. Carl Zytowski  [2:53]
3. Pater noster Javier Busto, arr. Paul Rardin  [3:14]
4. Periti autem Felix Mendelssohn  [2:18]
5. Dixit Maria Hans Leo Hassler  [2:28]
6. Saltarelle Camille Saint-Saens  [5:24]
7. From Me and America Sent! Edie Hill  [4:57]
Canto de Abraham
8. Magnificat Healy Willan  [3:18]
9. Barechu Salamone Rossi  [1:31]
10. Zikr A. R. Rahman, arr. Ethan Sperry  [4:20]
11. La Tarara Spanish Folk Song, arr. Alice Parker and Robert Shaw  [1:52]
12. Come sing to me of heaven Traditional American, arr. J. Aaron McDermid  [3:41]
13. Kpanlogo West African Folk Song, arr. Derek Bermel  [1:54]
14. Treme Second Line Kermit Ruffins, arr. Paul Rardin  [5:10]
15. Oba se je Nigerian Folk Song, arr. Nitanju Bolade Casel [3:20]
16. Rainbow Roun' My Shoulder Chain Gang Song, arr. Robert DeCormier [3:07]
17. Sing Praises As sung by the Shekanah Choir [4:58]
18. Feast of the Lord Richard Smallwood [5:11]
19. Varsity/The Victors Earl V. Moore/Louis Elbel [4:34]
20. The Yellow and Blue Michael W. Balfe [1:06]

Cost: $18

Tux, Tails, and Holy CD cover

University of Michigan Men's Glee Club (2007)

Stephen Lusmann and Paul Rardin, Conductors

Glee Club's Christmas album, a wonderful mix of classical church music and modern Christmas classics.

Track Listing

1. O Tannenbaum Traditional German Song, arr. Alice Parker and Robert Shaw [1:27]
2. The Christmas Song Mel Tormé and Robert Wells, arr. Roy Ringwald [2:47]
3. Lo, how a Rose e'er blooming Michael Praetorius [2:15]
4. Hallelu Steven Paulus [3:12]
5. Suo Gân Traditional Welsh Lullaby, arr. Lawrence Wiliford [2:07]
6. Coventry Carol Traditional English Carol, arr. James C. Meyers [3:20]
7. Dixit Maria Hans Leo Hassler [3:00]
8. Ave Maria Franz Biebl [8:17]
9. Betelehemu Via Olatunji, arr. Wendell Whalum [5:05]
10. Harambee (Call to Unity) Joseph Jennings [4:04]
11. Maoz Tsur Benedetto Marcello, ad. Carl Zytowski [1:47]
12. Oba se je Nigerian Folk Song, arr. Nitanju Bolade Casel [3:25]
13. Lux aurumque Eric Whitacre [3:29]
14. O magnum mysterium Morten Lauridsen [5:42]
15. Winter Wonderland Dick Smith and Felix Bernard, arr. Leo Arnaud/Charles Naylor [2:29]
16. Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening (from Frostiana) Randall Thompson [5:21]
17. Christmas Medley Christmas Songs, arr. Richard Gregory [2:46]
Cost: $18

'Tis of Michigan DVD cover

Made for the 150th anniversary of Glee Club, Glee Club alumnus and documentarian Jamie Turner covers the entire history of Glee Club from it's humble beginnings through all four Llangollen awards to its current standing on campus and off.

Cost: $47

The University of Michigan Men's Glee Club presents Love, Life, and Loss in DVD format

Cost: $40

Friars' 2nd or 3rd Best CD cover

As its name indicates, our most recent CD is one of our best. For the first time on CD, hip-hop parodies, songs in Spanish, and some of our best intros are included with the normal timeless classics.

Track Listing

1. 20th Centure Fox Theme
2. Stand By Me
3. If I had $1,000,000
4. Intro - Pep talk
5. Feelin' Groovy
6. All For You
7. Better Together
8. Intro - Victory Lap
9. Bless The Broken Road
10. Higher and Higher
11. Freshman Girl
12. Intro - Lost In Translation
13. Te Quiero Dijiste
14. Another Irish Drinking Song
15. Still Crazy After All These Years
16. The Call
17. The Luckiest
18. Intro - The Funniest Thing Abe Has Ever Said
19. Sweet Roommate
20. When The Night Feels My Song
21. Intro - Coming Attractions
22. How To Get A Life
23. Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring
24. Intro - Disclaimer
25. Run Around Sue / Shout
26. No Diggity
Cost: $18

Friars' Live from AA CD cover

The Friars

This mid 2000s CD makes fun of the hits of each decade. Listen to parodies of the 50s to today and perfect your fake laugh.

Track Listing

1. Sweet Home Ann Arbor
2. The General
3. God Only Knows
4. Because
5. North Face Girl
6. Mexico
7. Let It Be
8. At My Most Beautiful
9. Stacy's Mom
10. I Will
11. Greased Lightning
12. Waste
13. Mona Lisa
14. Scarborough Fair
15. Happy Together
16. Beer Pong Wizard
17. Time in a Bottle
18. Bunch of Crap
19. Time Was
20. Kiss Her Gently
21. Under Pressure
22. Hallelujah
Cost: $18

Friars' The Gold Album CD cover

The Friars 50th reunion CD offers an auditory adventure of the Friars past and present. Please enjoy this rare treat of original recordings dating back to 1955.

Track Listing

1. Introduction (1966)
2. Flamin' Mamie (1955)
3. Toot, Toot, Tootsie (1955)
4. Little Darlin' (1955)
5. Tea for Two (1959)
6. Persian Kitten (1963)
7. Their Hearts Were Full of Spring (1963)
8. Draft Dodger Rag (1966)
9. Tell Me Why (1967)
10. Blue Moon (1974)
11. Breakin' Up is Hard to Do (1977)
12. Sh-Boom (1977)
13. Momma, Look Sharp (1979)
14. Ding Dong Daddy from Dumas (1979)
15. Casey's Coffins (1980)
16. Send in the Clowns (The Arbors) (1980)
17. King Tut (1982)
18. Operator (1982)
19. Bad Connection (1986)
20. It's Alright (1986)
21. Graduate on Time (1989)
22. My Romance (1993)
23. Shame 'n' Scandal (1993)
24. How Sweet it is (to be Loved by you) (1996)
25. Minnie the Moocher (1996)
26. Coconut (The Arbors) (1998)
27. Somethin' Bout Cha (2000)
28. Superhero (2003)
29. Hallelulah (2005)
30. Kingdom in the Sky (2006)
31. Good Night, Little Girl (1977)
Cost: $18

Friars' Brewhaha CD cover

An early 2000s CD of parody after parody, get lost in the minds of the Friars and discover how funny they actually think they are.

Track Listing

1. Introduction
2. Fat Bottom Girls
3. Kingdom in the Sky
4. Sleeping to Dream
5. Out on the Diag
6. Two Coins
7. Superhero
8. Ignition (Remix)
9. All Night Long
10. I Get Around
11. Drift Away
12. Tribute
13. That'll be the Day (You Date Me)
14. I Want You Back
15. California Girls
16. Your Body is a Wonderland
17. Title of the Song
18. Fireman
19. Listen to the Music
20. I Gotta Get Drunk
21. Where Da Party At / Ride Wit Me
Cost: $18

Friars' Naughty CD cover

The oldest Friars' CD for sale, Naughty offers music from the dark ages of boy band fame. Here are the Friars of the late 90s.

Track Listing

1. Bright Sun-Shiny Day
2. Change the World
3. Blow 'em Away
4. Magic Moment
5. Runs from the Border
6. Fields of Joy
7. Moondance
8. Toledo
9. Dance
10. Hooked on a Feeling
11. Won't Stand in Your Way
12. Volcano
13. Lime and the Coconut
14. Fly
15. Carolina
16. Feel Like Makin' Love
17. Masochism Tango
18. Porchlight
19. Since You've Been Gone
20. Lumber Jack
Cost: $18

Sing to the Colors UMMGC Songbook cover

This book contains all of the sheet music from your favorite Michigan songs. Varsity, the Victors, and even the Bum Army lie within its covers along with many songs you may not have even heard before.

Cost: $42

Cover of Michigan Football history book

A compilation of stories and pictures that have been printed in The Michigan Daily, the University of Michigan's student-run newspaper, from 1890 to the present.

Cost: $40

UMMGC bottle opener

Show that you’re a true UMMGC fan by getting one (or more) of these lovely UMMGC bottle opener key chains. With a slick blue design that reads “UMMGC” and that features our key, this inexpensive item fits snugly into any pocket along with your other keys. Open up a bottle with this wonderful product and drink a health to Michigan!

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